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Hosting overview
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Professional Plus
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  • 50mb of fast web space
  • 500mb of data transfer monthly
  • 5 pop3 email mailboxes
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Email autoresponder
  • Email virus guard & spam filtering
  • Full ftp access
  • Online account control panel
  • Free online web site creation
  • Server side includes
  • Perl scripting
  • Matrix site statistics
  • 24/7 email support
  • Daily tape backup
  • Free scripts
  • Online knowledge base

Windows 2000 standard features:

  • ASP & perl scripting
  • Access database support
  • Optional 128 bit secure server

Unix standard features:

  • PHP4 scripting
  • WAP server


50mb of commercial web space
Disk space on our Internet servers in which to place your web site files and store your emails.
  500mb of bandwidth
Each time your site is accessed data is transferred across the Internet. Our transfer limits are high, less than 1% of our customers exceed them. Data transfer can be monitored in real-time via your control panel.
5 Pop3 mailboxes
A POP3 mailbox is essentially a password protected area where mail is stored until you are ready to read it using a mail client such at Microsoft Outlook. You can create a mailbox for each person or department in your organisation.
  Spam filtering
Unsolicited commercial email commonly referred to as SPAM is the Internet equivalent of junk mail. Our mail servers consult with a world wide database of known spammers and will refuse email sent from them. This reduces the amount of junk mail in your inbox increasing your productivity.  
  Email virus protection
Computer viruses distributed through the email system can cause untold harm to users unfortunate enough to receive them. Our mail servers scan your emails for known viruses alerting you to the danger before damage is done.
  Cgi scripting in Perl
CGI scripts are small programs that run on the server to add interactivity to your site, Our servers run the lastest version of Active Perl allowing you to install and develop your own Perl CGI scripts.
  Server side includes
Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML web pages. Automatically insert dates, file information and other HTML documents.
  Access database support
Microsoft Access databases can be uploaded to your web space for use with your ASP applications.
  24/7 FTP access
Round the clock unlimited access to your account to upload files and make changes to your pages.
  Online control panel
Manage all aspects of your account via an easy to use online control panel, configure email options, register and set up domain names, install cgi scripts, administer databases and more.
Search engine submission
Submit your site to the worlds major search engines with one click, enabling your customers to find you on the Internet.
  Online site creation tools
Design your website online with the help of our site creation tools and pre-designed templates
  Free scripts
Free ASP and Perl scripts are provided for use with your site.
  Online knowlege base
A wealth of information, instructions and tutorials are available at any time from the online support centre. Context sensitive help is available at any time from within the control panel.
  24/7 technical support
If you should run into difficulty with your account, email technical support is available. We aim to respond to all support requests withjin 2 hours. We also offer a comprehensive online support centre.
Daily data backup
Each one of our servers runs a RAID disk failure protection system. In addition, all data is backed up to tape of standby server each night.
Windows 2000 features
Active server pages
ASP is a powerful server side scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic data driven web sites. Our Windows 2000 servers run the latest version of IIS offering full support for ASP scripts.
128 bit SSL secure server
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows the collection of sensitive data such as credit card information from browsers via a strongly encrypted connection. You have access to a shared secure server under our domain name at a cost of £30 per year.
  Access database support
Microsoft Access databases can be uploaded to your web space for use with your ASP applications.
Unix features
  WAP Server
Serve information to people on the move via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) enabled devices.

PHP4 Scripting
PHP is a powerful server side scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic data driven web sites. The latest release, version 4 is installed on our servers.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at 17.5%

* Free domain names are offered for the first 12 months only. In the case of UK domain names this applies to,, and domains only. In the case of US domains this applies to .com, .net, and .org domains only. Where a required domain type is not offered free it may be added to your account for an additional charge which will be indicated prior to payment.


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