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Active server pages

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server side scripting technology, which can be used to easily build dynamic web pages. Our Windows 2000 servers run Internet Information Server (IIS) 5, offering full support for ASP version 3.

Using ASP
ASP Scripts can be written in either VBScript or JScript, the server default is VBScript. In order for the server to parse the file as an ASP script it must have the extension .asp. Your default pages can be called index.asp or default.asp.

ASP Components
All ASP components included as standard with IIS 5, including CDONTS are available. In addition, the following components are also available:

Jmail (version 4.2)
ASPEmail (version 4.5)
ASPUpload (version 2.0)
DIWhoIs (version 1.1)

Debugging ASP Scripts
Our servers are configured to send detailed error messages to the browser window, these error messages can be used to identify errors in your ASP code. In order to see these error messages you may need to turn off your web browser's internal error handling. For example, in Internet Explorer, this can be accomplished via the Advanced tab of the Internet Options menu.

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