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Useage statistics

Informational reports regarding visits to your web site can be obtained from the Usage Statistics page. The graphical reports are generated each night from your virtual server's access logs. Up to 12 months of usage statistics are available.

A summary of your web site's usage over the entire period in both graphical and tabular formats. This is the report shown when you first access the statistics page, click on a month title in the table to obtain detailed statistics for that month.

Daily Summary
A summary of your web site's usage for each day in the month displayed graphically and numerically.

Hourly Report
A summary of your web site's usage for each hour of the day displayed graphically and numerically.

Request Report
Shows the number of times each file on your web site has been requested for the entire month. Two request reports are shown with files ranked by hits and by data transfer.

Entry Pages
Shows the pages visitors use to enter your web site ranked by visits.

Exit Pages
Shows the pages visitors use to leave your web site ranked by visits.

Referrer Report
Shows the pages visitors were referred from to get to your site ranked by hits. This normally means the user clicked a link on this page to get to your site.

Keyword Report
Shows the search keywords which were used to find your site on search engines. Note that is there are no referrals from search engines this report will not be shown.

User Agent Report
Shows the types of web browser used to view your site. This report can be turned on or off be selecting the appropriate radio button.

Note that statistics are compiled each night between 04:00 and 05:00 GMT, you will therefore only see full statistics up to the previous day.

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