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Unix SSL

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) allows a secure communication channel to be set up between the server and your customer's browser. Once this connection has been made, information, like credit card numbers, can be exchanged with no chance of a third party intercepting the data.

Installing SSL
If your account does not have SSL installed by default you should upgrade to an account with this feature

Using SSL
To view your pages securely, see the SSL page to determine your SSL site address. This site address functions just like any domain name that is mapped to your account, being mapped to the root directory of your web space. This means that there is no need for you to upload your pages separately to a secure server.

Removing SSL
To remove SSL from your account click the 'Remove SSL' link on the SSL page. You will be asked to confirm the action before SSL is actually removed from your account.

Path To Your Web Space
When your site is accessed via SSL, the full system path to your web space changes. It is based on your account username and the number of the web server your account is hosted on which you can get from the Hosting Accounts page. For an account with the username 'joebloggs', hosted on Server No. 4, the path to it's web space when accessed over SSL would be:

You must substitute '4', 'j', 'o' and 'joebloggs' with your server number, the first and second letters of your HOSTING account name, and your account username respectively.

Using mySQL with SSL
If you wish your secure pages to be able to access your mySQL database, you must use the data base server host name 'serverX' in your secure pages. Where X is the number of the web server your account is hosted on, you can get this information from the Hosting Accounts page. Using this hostname means that mySQL database connections will be made across the network rather than through a local socket. Since local sockets are much quicker and efficient, this special host name should only be used in secure pages.

Notes On SSL
Please note that SSL does not include software to process credit card transactions. Although you can securely receive credit card information through SSL, actual processing of the credit card will require a 'Merchant account' from an accredited financial institution.

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