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Unix Frontpage extensions

FrontPage extensions allow you to use the publication feature and dynamic page elements available in Microsoft's FrontPage software. You should only install the server extensions if you intend to use Microsoft's FrontPage software to create and upload your web site. If you install FrontPage extensions you will not be able to upload your files and manage your site using FTP.

Installing FrontPage Extensions
Frontpage Extensions are pre-instaleld on certain UNIX accounts. If you do not currently have Frontpage extensions installed you should upgrade your account to one which has this feature.

Reinstalling FrontPage Extensions
In the event that your FrontPage extensions become corrupted and you can no longer use FrontPage to manage your site correctly, you should contact customer support to re-enable this feature.

Uninstalling FrontPage Extensions
If FrontPage extensions are no longer required on your account you can uninstall them. Uninstalling the server extensions will restore access to your site by FTP. Click the 'Uninstall FrontPage Extensions' link on your account control panel. You will be asked to confirm the action before FrontPage extensions are actually removed from your account.

Using FrontPage Extensions
To publish your site using Microsoft FrontPage you must first have FrontPage extensions installed on your account, see above. Click the 'Publish Web' option from the 'File' menu in your FrontPage software. Enter '' when asked where you want to publish your site to and click 'Publish'. You will be asked for your account username and password, after which your site will be published to the server. Note that you can only publish your site to an active domain name using FrontPage, you cannot publish your site using FrontPage to the FTP server, to a temporary URL or to a domain name which is not yet fully transferred to our network.

FrontPage Technical Support
Please note that we cannot and will not provide technical support on the use of Microsoft FrontPage, technical support issues relating to the use of Microsoft FrontPage should be referred to Microsoft technical support.

Notes On UNIX FrontPage Extensions
FrontPage 2000 extensions are installed on our UNIX servers, we are aware that this is not the latest version of the server extensions, however the 2002 extensions are not compatible with our server operating system. Please note therefore that some of the newer features included in the FrontPage XP client software will not work and that due to the shared environment, the subwebs, usage analysis and user management features are disabled. Note also that you cannot use FrontPage extensions when you have password protected directories on your account. You must remove password protection from all directories before installing FrontPage extensions.

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