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Password protection

Password protected directories require authentication using a username and password before files from them can be downloaded via the web.

Protect A Directory
To protect a directory click 'New Password Protected Directory'. A list of the directories in your web site is shown. Select the directory you wish to protect and click 'Set-up Password Protection'. Note that you must create a directory in your web space using FTP before you can protect it.

Click the corresponding 'Passwords' link to view a list of users currently granted access to the directory. To add a new user to the directory click 'Add User'. To change the password for an existing user, click 'Change Password'. To delete a user from the directory click 'Delete'.

Remove Protection
To remove password protection from a directory, click the corresponding 'Remove' link. You will be asked to confirm the action before protection is removed. On confirmation of the action, protection is removed from the directory and all user privileges revoked.

Password protection is recursive meaning that protecting a directory also protects any directories within it. Password protection is not available when FrontPage extensions are installed, in this case you should use the password protection facilities included with your FrontPage software.

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