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Unix custom error pages

By default, when a visitor to your web site requests a file on your site which does not exist, our standard page is displayed to the user. This page is generally uninformative and will often result in the user leaving your site. You can create a custom page of your own to be displayed in the event of an error.

Creating An Error Page
Your page should be an ordinary HTML document although it should only use global URLs, relative URLs will not work. You can upload your cutomised page using the Error Page page. Enter or paste the entire code for your customised error page into the text area and click 'Modify Error Page'. The page will be displayed to users of your web site whenever a 404 (Page Not Found) error occurs. If you leave the text area empty, the standard web server error page will be shown on your site.

Notes On Error Pages
Your error page must have correct HTML syntax and must have at least 512 characters in the HTML code for many modern browsers to display it rather than their own internal one. You may also need to turn off your browser's internal error handling to be able to see your error page.

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