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Domain names

The Domain Names page of your account control panel lists all of the domain names active on your account in ascending alphabetical order by domain name. Your web site/s can be accessed via any of these domain names with or without the www. prefix.

If you registered a domain name through Sipero Online, the date when the current registration will expire is shown. You will be sent an electronic invoice 30 days prior to this date which gives you the option to either renew the domain name for a further period or to allow it to expire.

Delete Domain
To delete a domain, click the 'Delete' link for that domain name. You will be asked to confirm the action before the domain is actually deleted. When you confirm the action, the domain is erased from the system.

Add Domain Name
To add a new domain name to your account click 'Add Domain Name'. You can transfer an existing domain name to Sipero Online, or register a new domain.

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