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Default routing

Any mail sent to an address at your domain which is not specifically defined as a Mailbox, forward or MRA will be routed according to the rule you define on the Default Routing page. This is sometimes referred to as a 'catch-all' email address.

To change the routing of default mail, make any required changes on the Default Routing page and click 'Modify Default Routing'. The server configuration will be updated.

Send To POP3 Mailbox
With this option selected, default mail will be sent to the mailbox on our server which you choose from the drop down list. You must first create a mailbox before you can route your default mail to it.

Send To Address
With this option selected, default mail will be sent to the address you enter in the text box. This option should only be used for external addresses, for internal addresses (i.e. other addresses at your domain name) it is more efficient to use the 'Send to POP3 Mailbox' option.

Bounce Mail
With this option selected, default mail will be returned to the sender with a message attached explaining that the address does not exist.

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